1997 Season
. Gunnar Esiason cheers his dad from the press box. (Gary Landers photo)
. Darnay Scott runs away from defenders on his 77-yard TD catch (Steven M. Herppich photo)
. Esiason and Scott congratulate each other after their TD connection. (AP photo)
. Gerard Dixon gets one of his three sacks of Eric Zeier. (AP photo)
. Reinard Wilson levels Eric Zeier. (Gary Landers photo)
. Corey Dillon was less than his recent spectacular self, rushing for 60 yards on 24 carries. (Gary Landers photo)
. Boomer Esiason was pressured often by the Ravens and sacked three times. (Gary Landers photo)
. Boomer Esiason walks off the field with children Gunnar and Sydney - perhaps for the last time (Steven M. Herppich photo)

. Corey Dillon gained 127 yards and became the first Bengal to pass 1,000 in a season since 1992. (Kevin J. Miyazaki photo)
. Eric Bieniemy eludes three Cowboys defenders on a 20-yard TD run. (Kevin J. Miyazaki photo)
. David Dunn celebrates his 32-yard TD catch with the Bengals mascot. (Kevin J. Miyazaki photo)
. Corey Sawyer keeps the ball after his second interception. (AP photo)
. Andre Collins and Sam Shade celebrate sack of Troy Aikman. (AP photo)
. Corey Dillon and Boomer Esiason helped the Bengals overcome the Cowboys mystique. (Patrick Reddy photo)
. Brian Milne shares a happy moment with Corey Dillon (AP photo)
. Boomer Esiason congratulates Darnay Scott after a TD catch. (AP photo)
. Boomer rules The Jungle again. (AP photo)

. Corey Dillon dances after the first of his 4 rushing TD's. (AP photo)

. Dillon runs 31 yards for a TD (Saed Hindash photo)

. Dillon is hugged by lineman Rich Braham after breaking Jim Brown's rookie rushing record with 246 yards. (AP photo)

. Dillon is hugged by Ki-Jana Carter after his final run. (Saed Hindash photo)

. Dillon punishes Blaine Bishop with a straightarm. (AP photo)

. Dillon runs strong and straight.

. Boomer Esiason gets good protection from the offensive line (AP photo)

. James Franciscauses a fumble with a hit on Steve McNair (AP photo)

. Boomer Esiason, who passed for 378 yards and 4 TDs, eludes the rush of Hollis Thomas (78) and Richard Dent (95). (AP photo)

. Corey Dillon, who gained 114 yards, is wrapped around the ankle by James Darling. (AP photo)

. Dan Wilkinson chases Eagles QB Bobby Hoying. (AP photo)

. Sam Shade, can't prevent a TD catch by Kevin Turner. (AP photo)

. Boomer Esiason ducks away from a rushing Richard Dent. (AP photo)

. James Hundon draws pass interference in the end zone from Charles Dimry. (AP photo)

. Boomer Esiason pumps his fist as he runs off the field after the game. (Ernest Coleman photo)

. A banner shows fan support for Boomer. (Ernest Coleman photo)

. Boomer enters for his first Bengals start in 5 years. (Saed Hindash photo)

. Jeff Blake takes a back seat after 52 straight starts. (Ernest Coleman photo)

. Darnay Scott gets behind Eddie Robinson and hauls in an 11-yard TD pass. (AP photo)

. Carl Pickens is carted off with a torn groin, sidelining him for the season. (AP photo)

. Esiason used short, quick passes to move the offense (AP photo)

. Esiason pumps his fist after a TD pass to Tony McGee (Ernest Coleman photo)

. Esiason eludes the rush of Jeff Lageman (Ernest Coleman photo)

. Esiason shows some mobility in his 36-year-old legs. (Ernest Coleman photo)

. Esiason leaves the field a winner. (AP photo)

. Jeff Blake is sacked by Greg Lloyd (bottom) and Kevin Henry. (AP photo)

. John Copeland, who had 13 tackles, helped the defense keep Jerome Bettis relatively in check. (AP photo)

. Tom Tumulty can't prevent a TD catch by TE Mark Bruener. (AP photo)

. Corey Sawyer breaks up a pass for Yancey Thigpen. (AP photo)

. Boomer Esiason celebrates with Marco Battaglia, right, and Tony McGee, after McGee's fourth-quarter TD catch. (AP photo)

. Carl Pickens catches a TD pass from Esiason in the third quarter. (AP photo)

. Sam Shade causes Marshall Faulk to fumble in the second quarter. James Francis, left, recovered. (AP photo)

. James Francis looks upfield after intercepting a pass, while Jevon Langford blocks the Colts' Doug Widell. (AP photo)

. Corey Dillon gained 97 yards - including a 46-yard TD. (AP photo)

. Ashley Ambrose sacks Colts quarterback Kelly Holcomb (AP photo)

.Reinard Wilson puts a big hit on San Diego QB Stan Humphries. The play was ruled an incomplete pass. (Steven M. Herppich photo)

. Wilson drives his helmet into Humphries' chin, knocking the Chargers QB out of the game. (AP photo)

. Wilson draws a yellow flag for roughing Humphries. (Michael E. Keating photo)

.Corey Dillon looks over his shoulder on his 71-yard TD run. (AP photo)

. Dillon rushed for 123 yards on 19 carries. (Steven M. Herppich photo)

.John Copeland eyes a loose ball on the turf ... (Michael E. Keating photo)

.Copelandscoops up the ball and ... (Steven M. Herppich photo)

.Copeland runs 25 yards for a TD. (Michael E. Keating photo)

.Carl Pickens beats defender Rodney Harrison to score on a 15-yard pass. (AP photo)

.Pickens celebrates his TD with Marco Battaglia. (Steven M. Herppich photo)

.Billy Granville, making his first NFL start, puts a hit on Gary Brown. (Steven M. Herppich photo)

.Eric Bieniemy sets a club record with a 102-yard kickoff return. (AP photo)

.Jeff Blake throws with DE Michael Strahan hanging on him. (AP photo)

.Tito Paul is called for pass interference on David Patten. (AP photo)

.Jeff Blake is sacked. (AP photo)

.Jevon Langford, bottom, and Kimo Van Oelhoffen combine to stop Charles Way (AP photo)

.Billy Granville pursues Tyrone Wheatley. (AP photo)

.Eric Bieniemy hangs his head as he walks off the field. (AP photo)

.James Hundon sits alone to consider the Bengals' fate (AP photo)

.Ki-Jana Carter, minus a shoe, steps into the endzone for a TD. (AP photo)

.Carl Pickens hangs his head after fumbling the ball on a long pass play in the fourth quarter. (Ernest Coleman photo)

.Ashley Ambrose can't prevent an 11-yard TD pass to Yancey Thigpen. (Ernest Coleman photo)

.Tom Tumulty tries to stop the "Bus" - Jerome Bettis. (Ernest Coleman photo)

.Eric Bieniemy is tripped up by Earl Holmes (50). (Ernest Coleman photo)

.Jeff Blake is consoled by Steelers QB Kordell Stewart after the game. (Ernest Coleman photo)

.Boomer Esiason wears 63 on the back of his helmet to honor 13-year veteran tackle Joe Walter, who was waived Friday. (Ernest Coleman photo)

.Ashley Ambrose drags down Eddie George, who rushed for 106 yards. (AP photo)

.Jeff Blake was sacked six times - twice by Lonnie Marts (56). (AP photo)

.Reinard Wilson corrals Steve McNair after a 21-year run. (AP photo)

.Ashley Ambrose tackles Frank Wycheck after a pass reception. (AP photo)

.Jeff Blake is sacked by Gary Walker. (AP photo)

.David Dunn is tackled by Leroy Jones and Joe Bowden. (AP photo)

.Jeff Blake was the Bengals' leading rusher with 75 yards and a TD. (AP photo)

.Jimmy Spencer (foreground), Sam Shade (left)and and Ashley Ambrose run down RB James Stewart. (AP photo)

.Andre Collins wraps up QB Mark Brunell. (AP photo)

.Corey Dillon gained 35 yards on seven carries. (AP photo)

.Ki-Jana Carter has 26 yards on nine carries. (AP photo)

.Jimmy Spencer can't break up a pass to Jimmy Smith. (AP photo)

.Jeff Blake wears a disgusted look after being sacked by Rick Lyle. (Saed Hindash photo)

.Bruce Coslet argues with referee Jerry Markbreit over a second-quarter penalty. (Glenn Hartong photo)

.Ricardo McDonald and Sam Shade pursue Adrian Murrell, who rushed for 156 yards.
(Saed Hindash photo)

.Corey Dillon, making his first start, rushed for 48 yards, on nine carries and caught two passes for 30 yards. (Saed Hindash photo)

.Carl Pickens celebrates a touchdown catch. (AP photo)

.Reinard Wilson closes in on Adrian Murrell. (AP photo)

.Corey Dillon finds some running room. (AP photo)

.Jeff Blake is harassed by Broncos linebacker John Mobley. (AP photo)

.Terrell Davis races past Ashley Ambrose (33) on a 50-yard TD run. (AP photo)

.Gerald Dixon sacks John Elway on the Broncos' first series. (AP photo)

.Andre Collins chases Elway. (AP photo)

.Corey Dillon is tackled by Bill Romanowski. (AP photo)

.Steve Tovar tries to stop Terrell Davis. (AP photo)

.Corey Sawyer after getting beat by Baltimore's Michael Jackson. (AP photo)

.Carl Pickens tries to stay ahead of linebacker Ray Lewis. (AP photo)

.Doug Pelfrey has his field goal attempt blocked. (AP photo)

.Andre Collins and James Francis dive on a loose ball. (AP photo)

.Jeff Blake is sacked by Baltimore's James Jones. (AP photo)

.Darnay Scott has a pass broken up by DeRon Jenkins. (AP photo)

.Brentson Buckner applies pressure to Vinnie Testaverde. (AP photo)

.Carl Pickens celebrates his game-winning TD catch with 37 seconds left. (Steven M. Herppich photo)

.Gerald Dixon, right, and safety Greg Myers exult after Dixon forced Larry Centers' fumble with 70 seconds left.
(Steven M. Herppich photo)

.Carl Pickens beats rookie Tom Knight (22) for the winning catch. (AP photo)

.Tony McGee flips defender Brent Alexander over his back (Michael E. Keating photo)

.Jimmy Spencer is tackled by Rob Moore after an interception (AP photo)

.Bo Orlando exhorts after stopping Larry Centers on thirds down in the first half.(AP photo)

.Ki-Jana Carter runs into a wall of Cardinals. (Michael E. Keating photo)

.Brentson Buckner pressures Kent Graham (AP photo)

.Jeff Blake watches from the sidelines after an early three-and-out series. (Michael E. Keating photo)

.Carl Pickens and teammates celebrate the winning touchdown. (Steven M. Herppich photo)

.Jeff Blake walks off a winner. (AP photo)

.Gunnard Twyner escapes a defender on his 46-yard kickoff return against Seattle

.Mike Jenkins catches a 7-yard TD pass from Erik Wilhelm. (Gary Landers photo)

.Corey Dillon had 14 carries for 39 yards and four catches for 32 yards.
(Gary Landers photo)

.Gunnard Twyner catches a TD pass. (AP photo)

.Mike Jenkins clutches a long pass by his fingertips, only to lose the ball after hitting the ground. (Gary Landers photo)

.Corey Sawyer tries to elude Seattle defenders on a punt return. (Craig Ruttle photo)

.Lee Johnson can't catch Seattle's Ronnie Harris on his 82-yard punt return for a TD. (Craig Ruttle photo)

.Boomer Esiason returns to Spinney Field.

.James Francis breaks away from Minnesota's Charles Evans on his 41-yard TD run with a recovered fumble. (Patrick Reddy photo)

.Corey Sawyer returns an interception 33 yards for a TD.
(Patrick Reddy photo)

.Jimmy Spencer celebrates his interception.
(Gary Landers photo)

.Ki-Jana Carter strong arms Dewayne Washington.
(Gary Landers photo)

.Ki-Jana Carter takes a handoff from Jeff Blake.
(Patrick Reddy photo)

.Bruce Coslet appears amused as he watches a replay of Ki-Jana Carter's fumble.
(Gary Landers photo)

.Jeff Blake throws before Tony Williams makes contact (AP photo)

.Brian Milne, left, and Tom Tumulty tackle former UC star Robert Tate on a kick return (Gary Landers photo)

.Dan Wilkinson wraps up Brad Johnson as John Copeland comes in to finish him off.(AP photo)

.Jeff Hill, a two-year veteran, finds himself battling to keep his roster spot (Saed Hindash photo)

.Marco Battaglia is one of the most improved players in camp (AP photo)

.Jeff Blake is tackled after a short gain against the Lions (AP photo)

.James Francis pressures Lions QB Scott Mitchell (AP photo)

.Ashley Ambrose brings down Detroit's Ron Rivers (AP photo)

.Greg Myers and Jimmy Spencer try to corral Barry Sanders (AP photo)

.Ty Douthard is upended by Detroit's Robert Bailey (AP photo)

.1997 Training Camp Photos