Saturday, January 06, 2001

Anti-Brown Web site bucks NFL

By Mark Curnutte
The Cincinnati Enquirer

        David Young, the Cincinnati native living in Los Angeles and co-founder of, said Friday he will adhere to all of the NFL's demands about his Web site. Except one.

        NFL Properties this week sent Young a letter threatening legal action if he didn't stop violating NFL property rights infringing on copyrighted material.

        Young said he has removed links to the Bengals' official Web site, even though dozens of other sites offer the same link. He no longer will sell T-shirts the NFL says use a parody of the Bengals' logo illegally. Young also complied with the NFL demand to make a full accounting of the “exactly 40” T-shirts he sold.

        But, Young said, he will not remove the sad-faced parody of the Bengals tiger head that is a trademark of the team.

        “We will continue to use the Fraidy Cat artwork as the mascot of our Web site until such time as we choose to remove it,” Young said. “It is my First Amendment right to free speech.

        “We've done nothing wrong, but we're being singled out. I'm in this to say the people of Cincinnati and Bengals fans aren't going to take it any more. We aren't the losers. Our favorite team is.”


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